Interactive art examples

There are several examples of interactive art 


Arduino art projects -

Change tune


Awake - 

Paint, light and sound - T

The Crayolascope -

Screaming Stones - 

Painting moving - 

Acrylic painting + Arduino - 

Light painting with Arduino -

Colour sensing - Arduino robot 

Musical Art Installation for kids 

Interactive Light Painting: Pu Gong Ying Tu (Dandelion Painting) 

Wonder - kinetic art 

Interactive robot orchestra installation

Interactive kinetic audiovisual installation -​

Spiro Synth Experiment by Flavio Scutti | Arduino - Bare Conductive

Interactive Sound Mural

Interactive fountain -

Smell the rainbow with this olfactory device - 

Slow motion frame -


Responsive kinematics -

In order to control -

Blooming paper art installation - 

Monolith -

Pinochio -

Fractoid -

Timeless -​

Interactive LED programmable canvas -

Título 6
In Servo We Trust (an urban installation with 135 servo motors)